Yakuza 6 demo pulled from PSN as players manage to unlock full game

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SEGA has pulled the Yakuza 6 demo from digital storefronts after it accidentally released the full experience in select territories.

First released in North America and Europe on February 27, the demo was intended to provide players with a brief taste of Kazuma Kiryu’s upcoming adventure.

SEGA has stressed the removal is only temporary as it seeks to resolve the issue of some sneaky users accessing the full game early.

How this was achieved remains a mystery, although the demo itself is very beefy, weighing in at 36.53GB on Sony’s platform.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is set to launch exclusively for PS4 on April 17, 2018. Having originally launched in Japan in December 2016, fans have been waiting a while for its localisation.

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Despite its demo shenanigans, Yakuza 6 is still shaping up to be one of the series’ finest entries yet.

Having played over a dozen hours for our recent preview, we couldn’t help but praise its engrossing world, fierce combat and excess of things to do:

“Yakuza 6’s first few hours are a blast. The opening trio of chapters presents something that is utterly filled with things to discover. Whether it be the evocative crime-drama narrative or the slew of optional side content, SEGA has created an adventure that I could see myself losing dozens of hours to already.”

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