Jaguar I-Pace details finally revealed – and it’s been worth the wait

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Jaguar’s first electric car was announced back in the summer of 2016, but actual facts about the I-Pace have been thin on the ground. But the wraps have finally been taken off this battery-powered sportster.

Jaguar’s used the Geneva Motor Show to fully unveil its Tesla Model X competitor, so we now know the specs and even exactly what it’ll look like. And it makes for impressive reading (and viewing).

So here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the Jaguar I-Pace – except, of course, how it drives. Hopefully we’ll get a road test before long.

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1. It’ll get from Brighton to Land’s End on a single charge

The range of the Jaguar I-Pace’s 90kWh Lithium-ion battery is up to 298 miles, which should be enough for most UK journeys at least.

It’ll be compatible with 100kW DC Rapid Chargers, which will take you from 0-80% charge in 40 minutes. The current 50kW UK public chargers will get you to 80% in 85 minutes. Long enough to stop for a cream tea before the drive home.

There’s an eight-year warranty on the battery, albeit limited to 100,000 miles. Not that anyone’s planning to do a long daily commute in an I-Pace to rack up that sort of mileage. Or are you?

2. It’s not slow

The I-Pace is packing two motors – one on each axle – to provide all-wheel drive. These Jaguar-designed motors produce 400PS and 696Nm, resulting in a 0-60mph time of just 4.5 seconds.

Coupled with the highest torsional rigidity of any Jaguar – 36kNm/degree – as well as double wishbone front and Integral Link rear suspension, we’re expecting a very sporty ride indeed.

There’s no word yet on top speed, though.

3. Artificial intelligence is judging your driving

Jaguar’s built in something called ‘Smart Settings’, which is an AI-driven technology that will keep track of your driving preferences, then tweak interior and driving settings to suit you.

Using the key fob and your phone’s Bluetooth, it’ll recognise you approaching, then automatically change to your usual climate-control level, infotainment choice and seat position. After a while, it’ll be able to adapt even further based on time, location, weather and behaviour patterns – such as pre-heating the steering wheel and seats when you’re setting off at 5am on a February morning.

It’ll even remind you if you’ve left your phone behind.

4. It plays nice with Alexa

Yes, there’s an Amazon Alexa Skill for the I-Pace. Of course there is. So you’ll be able to ask an Alexa-enabled device questions about whether you locked the car, how much battery charge is left, and whether there’s enough charge to get to a particular place.

All that data’s available in the Jaguar InControl Remote app, so you’re basically asking Alexa to fetch it for you. Because you can.

5. It’s the first Jag with a Touch Pro Duo cockpit

That’s what Jaguar is calling the I-Pace’s ‘flight deck’ infotainment system: Touch Pro Duo.

Basically there’s a combination of touchscreen and physical controls, with Jaguar trying to choose the most appropriate input method for each function. As a result, there are two touchscreens on the centre console, separating certain features so you can more easily find them. Rotary control knobs have been included so you don’t have to look away from the road at critical times. All sounds eminently sensible.

We set out to design an emotive and atmospheric interior that excites the senses, where the driver is central to the experience and passengers are afforded the space they need,” explains Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design.

This is also the first Jaguar to perform software updates wirelessly, so your infotainment system could be upgraded without you having to lift a finger.

6. The styling’s inspired by a supercar

The I-Pace looks unmistakably Jaguar-ish, thanks to that front grille. But even more than that; the design inspiration is taken from the Jaguar C-X75 concept supercar. You can kind of see it in the proportions and bonnet – but also in the choice of massive 22-inch alloy wheels.

Regardless, it still looks rather pretty, and Jaguar claims a drag coefficient of just 0.29.

7. It can cope in all weathers

We’ve already mentioned the all-wheel drive, thanks to having an electric motor on each axle, but Jaguar has also engineered the I-Pace to operate in extreme temperatures. It’s been tested operating down to -40°C, with an efficient heat pump helping to keep the cells and interior at a reasonable level.

Meanwhile, in scorching climes, there’s a refrigeration unit linked to the air-con system that kicks in to keep the cells chilled.

8. There will be four models

From launch there will be four variants of I-Pace: S, SE, HSE, and First Edition. Sadly we don’t yet know what the difference will be, nor how much each will cost.

Here are a few more pics to whet your appetite…

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